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Central Coast 4358 3500


  1. Contact us to arrange a free, no obligation site inspection and written quotation.

  2. Choose from our vast range of shapes and sizes, then choose one of our great colours to turn your pool into a stunning focal point in your back yard.

  3. Contract is signed.

  4. Plans are prepared and the Home Owners Warranty Insurance is ordered as per the Home Building Act 1989.

  5. Application submitted to the Private Certifier after water board approvals.

  6. Upon receipt of the application approval, delivery is advised. The pool manufacture will proceed and the equipment is ordered.

  7. Schedule: Day 1 - Excavation of the site; Day 2 - Pool installed and equipment fitted.

  8. Hand over point - pool is cleaned, chemically balanced, advise and instruction is provided on how to operate the pool equipment.

  9. The pool is given time to settle and then a concrete bond beam is laid. This gives the pool the structural strength.

Tricky Site Installation:

Tricky site? Tranquility Pools have experience in hard to reach backyards.
Floating a Pool - Dora Creek:
Floating a Pool - Marks Point: